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Our Publications

Finding Our Way Home:

Facing a family member’s substance use disorder can be a lonely and frightening place. Broken promises, raised and dashed hope, denial, upheaval, and uncertainty are all experiences families have to navigate through. Each individual and family addresses this challenge differently. Janet and Mark offer families a direction in our book, Finding Your Way: A Guide for Families Experiencing a Substance Use Disorder. We address the common struggles of families who face a loved one struggling with a substance use problem. Home does not have to be a physical location. It could be a place of acceptance or stability. Our book will provide tools, direction, and insight into SUD, hopefully making this journey easier or more manageable. 


Falling Trees, Color Blind Scientists, and Addiction:
A Complete Guide to Addiction for Substance Abusers and Their Families


Falling Trees, Color Blind Scientists, and Addiction explores the what and why’s of addiction. We present information on the devasting effect addiction has on individuals and families. Current information and research are offered to the reader in gaining a better understanding of the challenge’s individuals and families face. We explain the different faces of addiction and how difficult it can be to define addiction. Opinions and experiences can vary from person to person and setting to setting. We describe the problem in these terms: if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If someone has a substance abuse problem that has not come up on the radar, does that mean he or she does not have a problem? This is what motivated us to write this book.

This book will benefit anyone facing, dealing with, or wanting to know more about addiction. Not all chapters will apply to everyone. However, “knowledge is power,” as they say. The more informed someone is, the better decisions they can make. By the end, you will understand the workings of addiction and be better equipped to reclaim a healthy lifestyle. We refer to real cases to illustrate our points.

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