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At times, life does not offer us easy or simple solutions. We are not always left with black-or-white answers, at least for some questions. Life experiences, individual personalities, and family upbringing influence our opinions. For some, they can see a question and firmly believe they know the answer. Someone else addressing the same question will have a different perspective. These can lead to fun and sometimes frustrating debates.  In our first book, Falling Trees, Colorblind Scientists, and Addiction, we used thought puzzles or thought experiments to help create understanding of the user’s experience of addiction.  Finding Our Way Home addresses the recovery journey for families and friends. We re-envision Home. Everyone’s picture and vision of home is unique. Our book offers guidance and support for families in finding their own path to recovery.

“We believe all people have the capacity to lead fulfilling lives.”

“We believe all people have the capacity to lead fulfilling lives.”

Counselors and co-authors Mark and Janet Myers hope to address each client’s unique needs, enabling them to take control of their own journey toward mental well-being.

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